Years of Service Recognition

Formal acknowledgment of years of service was launched in 2011 to recognize staff and faculty members who have reached specific anniversaries in their employment at Pacific. The Employee Recognition Committee sponsors a yearly luncheon to honor and thank these employees who have reached employment milestones.

In 2017, the following employees were recognized and celebrated for their years of service:

5 Years

Dr. Mark Abzug
Dr. George Bunnell
Darren Castle
Dr. Takahiro Chino
Rauri Finan
Dr. Des Gallagher
Jobeck Laxa
Jennifer McGlothlin
Sean Metter
Dr. Nikki Pung-Yamato
Reuben Recoder
Jeff Rhode
Dr. Patrick Roetzer
Marlene Storz
Dr. Der Thor
Kevin Wessler
Dr. Sinky Zheng

10 Years

Farzaneh Baniaamam Ghajar
Eric Bertumen
Kahala Bishaw
Mercedes Chin
Jesse Clerici
Cheryl Flores
Audrey Goodell
Dr. Anders Nattestad
Dr. Ove Peters
Donnie Poe
Erika RIncon
Tina Saechao

15 Years

Patricia Calderon
Regina Carino
Tim Fritts
Dr. Lola Giusti
Kristina Mamou-Marrioneaux
Sandra Martino
Patricia Molina
Mari Okamura
Janelle Palomares
Dr. Laura Reid
Joseph Salonga
Anna Truong
Ike Vargas

20 Years

Brenda Cruz
Esmeralda Espino
Daniel Vuic
Dr. Allen Wong

25 Years

Dr. Alan Budenz
Sydney Samaniego
Elsie Woo

30 Years

Dr. Gretchen Bruce
Berry Coleman

35 Years

Dora Cantor

45 Years

Dr. Alexander Murphy